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The buzz

Always having to stand alone when in need of a puff, listening to your wife’s and mother’s scream every time you get a cigarette, having to fight the urge to smoke just because it’s you on the driver seat, well, these are a few of the innumerable problems that every person with a taste for a good smoke has to face on a daily basis. But over the years, mankind has always found a solution to their problems. The solution to the problem faced by my smoker brothers and sisters is e cigarette. We can give our hearty thanks to Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, who in the year 2003, made history by inventing e cigarette. Today, every fifth person in the United States has tried electronic cigarettes. Still wondering what am I talking about? Well here is your answer. An e-cig or electronic cigarette is a device that heats liquid, comprises of nicotine, in order to produce vapor and also helps in getting rid of this awful habit by kicking it right in the guts.

The reason for the switch

Bad habits are like a bed of roses; Easy and comfortable to get in to but tough to get rid of. No one else can know that better than a person habitual of smoking. Majority of them don’t want to get rid of smoking. Everyone begins smoking for their very own sweet reasons. Girls want to lose weight and since smoking causes loss of appetite, they are more than happy to follow it without realizing that soon with their appetite, their lungs are going to diminish too. Some boys do it out of the pressure from the people they stay with and forget that smoking may make way for them into the social group temporarily but it is going to leave his parents permanently injured when they discover it. Where else some boys begin so as to get a high and forget all their troubles.

However they do not realize that the troubles of a person don’t vanish into thin air. They will stay with you and haut you till you stand up and face them. Smoking not only harms you physically, it can harm your family members also. Statistics state that 42% of children are fascinated by smoking because they grew up watching their parents smoke. That is how easily you ruin your child’s future before it even begins. So save yourself and your baby by switching to e cigarette as the release from an e cigarettes is not smoke but just vapor. The toxic effect of an electronic cigarette is minute when compared to a traditional cigarette, so you finally get a retort for the sarcastic comments given by people who are always complaining about how much you smoke. Your addiction to e cigarette does not stand as a hindrance to having a beautiful pair of lungs and a secure, long future with your child.

Top bosses

There is competition everywhere. Be it the sperm that wants to be born as baby or the various brands selling e cigarette. So how to chose as to which is the best electronic cigarette? Here are the reviews of the top electronic cigarettes which if smoked will give you the peace and tranquility that one feels on the attainment of nirvana.

V2 Cigarette

Along with a classy design, great quality and flavors that give your throat the hit that it craves for, you get a lifetime warranty on their products, worldwide shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and rewards for purchases and referrals. It is the top leading brand in the market. Even though it is a little heavy on the pocket but the innumerable flavors that include Red (like Marlboro red), Coffee, Vanilla, Mint Green Tea, Sahara Tobacco Blend, Peppermint, Congress Tobacco Blend, Cherry, Cola make it completely worth it. On a personal note I would say Mint green tea gives you the experience that cannot be described in words. Green smoke

It contains a high smoke volume and thick, rich flavor. It presents one with an amazing experience and something that you just dot want to let go of. All you have to do is treat it like a traditional cigarette. Just take a puff and relish the flavor. It also contains cool accessories such as USB e cigarettes.

Ever smoke

Value your money too much to spend it on an awful habit like smoking but are unable to fight the urge to hold that cigarette in between your fingers and bring it closer to your mouth and take that puff which slowly and steadily is taking away your life, well here is your remedy. Its named ever smoke. These e cigarette are light on the pocket and yet provide the quality and experience given by the best electronic cigarettes. It can be compared to V2. The Premium Starter Kit gets you one high capacity and standard battery, one USB charger as well as one wall charger.

Halo This one is not just another fish in the market. It is the fish that you surely want in your bucket. Why won’t you? After all it comes with an extraordinary battery life, and super sleek design and feel. The refilling of cartridges is a child’s play as the end piece can be removed by hand only if you don’t land up jamming it in there. The battery can be upgraded to Triton battery for extra long life which is bigger than the Fort Collins web design standard battery size.

South beach smoke

These e cigarettes are of extraordinarily great quality. This product, has nice flavor selection and super cool e cig tips. It is also one of the highly rated ones across many consumer reviews. However the best part about it is the charging case. For all the tech geeks it is a brilliant treat and for the non tech geeks, you will land up recalling your childhood when you see it as it looks like a little gadget with LED lights.


E cigarettes are as for now the best thing that can happen to a smoker. It gives you the satisfaction of a good smoke and simultaneously also helps you get rid of this awful habit. I know, now you are more confused than before, as choosing from the lot when all of them are so amazing and unique is a tedious task. So take my last advice. Sit back and relax and try each one of them one by one, then pick the one you can’t help but crave for because it’s worth every penny you are spend.